Jewellery For Your Soul

   Healing Symbols

     Chakra Symbols

Angel Dhairai has assisted me designing and shaping the

"Healing Symbols", the result being beautiful and timeless symbols with a special energetic effect.

I will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate symbol.

Would you like to offer a symbol to someone dear to you and not sure which symbol to choose?

No problem, by showing me a picture of the person the jewel is for, I can feel what symbol is appropriate for this particular person.


Here you see an example of a composed Chakra Jewel.

More and different jewels are available, but, together, we can seek out your personal design, too.

To achieve this, I use my own 

"chakra cards", to discover the chakra's, that need extra attention.

This serves as a concept, for you unique, handmade design.