Shining Star


 Mother Earth

Straighten your shoulders, give yourself space and let your light shine, the right energies are attracted by your light, so radiate, show yourself.

Each transformation process comes with ups and downs; this symbol has the energy to alleviate this, making it less strenuous, smoothing it.

The refined vibration of this symbol should not be underestimated,

only after being in contact with the Earth, you'll be able to contact the "higher": very special.




The effect of this symbol is that the 7 chakras are bundled and grounded into the Earth: deep, soothing.

The energy of this symbol helps to puncture your emotional blockages and guides you to the feeling of

"I am free"

Body, mind and soul will be brought together beautifully, by the very fine vibration of this symbol: back to the core within you, finally coming home.