Jewellery For Your Soul


This symbol has a strong healing effect, which is particularly felt in the lower abdomen; recommended to retrieve the balance within you.


Let the very fine vibration of this symbol help you to further open your channel of self-love, making the love flow back, within yourself, for yourself.


This symbol is intended to support certain processes of acceptance.

Watch lovingly towards what is and the solution will be found.

  Higher Self

Power of the Soul


Reconnects you with your higher "knowing". Let this vibration resonate throughout your body, rediscover what you always knew: I am pure light.

Be guided by the strength within you, surrender to the guidance of your soul; the soul knows what is needed: give in, it's all right.

See beyond the illusions, see your truth, see the larger story of our earthly existence, open your 3rd eye wider, using this symbol.

   To Let Go

this powerful symbol helps to let go what holds you back,

to continue your path, highly effective in the stomach area.